Showcased Church Profile: Bayside Church – Australia

Bayside Church is a contemporary C3 Church in Melbourne, Australia. Attracting people of all ages, Bayside Church is committed to showing that church has changed and it’s worth checking out. Acceptance, relevance and genuineness are key, as is making a difference on a local and global level.

VivaConnect.Church is now live!

After months of preparation we are pleased to announce the launch VivaConnect.Church!

Follow VivaConnect.Church on Twitter

Following us on Twitter is the easiest way to be kept updated on the latest ministry videos uploaded into the VivaConnect.Church 3D auditorium. We will also let our Twitter followers know of any ministry news, events and sponsor offers once our site has launched.

VivaConnect.Church Facebook Group Launched

VivaConnect.Church has just launched a Facebook Group to keep our members updated on the latest VivaConnect.Church news, showcased ministries and events being hosted in our 3D auditorium.